Celiac Resource Guide
Helping to Navigate Life's Detour

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How would you like to receive gluten free sample products along with a copy of my book?  Well, you can.  Just purchase a book on this website and I will be sending you gluten free samples donated from food companies listed in my book (while supplies last).  I have nutrition bars, pancake mix, spaghetti, cookies, doughnuts, corn thins, pretzels, gum, waffles, chips, granola and so much more. 


When my husband, Roy, was diagnosed with celiac disease January 2008, I was at a loss for finding information about a gluten-free diet from his physician or a dietician. Through much research, we are now adapting to our new challenges.  In an aim to help others who may be in a similar situation, I decided to write/publish a book to help others. This book will reference websites that the readers can visit in order to educate themselves about the disease, diet, where to find food products, travel, etc.  The book will not only reference websites, but also offer information that will assist someone diagnosed with celiac disease. 

This book contains coupons, discounts, free samples or free shipping donated from several gluten free food manufacturers.  These offers cover the cost of the book and then some.



For every book sold, Julianne will donate $1.00 to celiac research.



Photo of Roy and Julianne credit Sarah Juon, NewsoftheNorth.Net.